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A View from the Eiffel Tower – Pogled sa Ajfelovog tornja

Regie: Nikola Vukèeviæ; 92 Min., SCG/HR/SLO 2005 (OmE)
Wettbewerb: Newcomer

Brotfabrik Kino, Mo, 20.11.2006 um 22:00 Uhr
ACUDkino, Do, 23.11.2006 um 21:00 Uhr

Nach 15 Jahren Pause meldete sich der montenegrinische Film pünktlich zur Erringung der Eigenstaatlichkeit auf der Bildfläche zurück – mit dieser aufwendigen serbisch-kroatisch-slowenischen Koproduktion mit montenegrinisch-serbisch-kroatischer Starbesetzung. Den Stoff des (auch ins Deutsche übersetzten) Erfolgsromans „Die Zagreberin“ des kroatischen Autors Branislav Glumac verlegt der Regisseur Nikola Vukèeviæ in seinem Spielfilmdebüt ins heutige Podgorica.

Marijana gehört zu den "Schönen und Reichen" von Podgorica, doch die Hochglanz-Idylle am Swimming Pool trügt: ihr Vater, ein erfolgreicher Gynäkologe, hat den Erfolg erkauft, indem er zuließ, dass sie als 16jährige von seinem Chef sexuell missbraucht wurde. Seitdem ist ihr einziger Antrieb die Rache an ihrem Vater - bis sie den Bildhauer Vanja aus einem Armenviertel kennen (und lieben) lernt, ein entscheidender Wendepunkt in ihrem Leben. Der Erstlingsfilm von Nikola Vukcevic gewann etliche Preise, u.a. "Film des Jahres" in Serbien & Montenegro.

The main character is a young and very beautiful girl, Marijana. Now, Marijana is 25, and when she was 16 – her father’s boss sexually used her. Marijana’s father did not do anything against his boss, and because of that – Marijana’s father become successful at job – because his boss helped him: father became famous as discreet gynaecologist for illegal abortions.

Ten years after this situation – Marijana’s family is very rich and popular in her town. But, Marijana did not forget how does it started. Because of that – now she is revenging to her father - in her own way, by prostituting with father’s colleagues and harming his reputation (her father cares so much about).

At one moment – Marijana meet sculptor, Vanja (poor and talented artist from the suburbs – that will open before her the world of love and trust). But, the world of Vanja and world of prostituting revenge – can not live at same moment!

What is going to be – is our story. This film with its characters and the plot tells about hard times in which everything can be sold, about the disturbed system of values which characterizes everyday life in the Balkans; at the same time it tells about love that proves to be the only way out from the Balkan mud and wretchedness.

This story is about Balkans today – when the war is over, but the consequences of war left behind: CRIME – that has affected all spheres of society, FEELING OF INSECURITY and inclination of fast and dangerous ways of earning money … and at some moments on can conclude that THE WAR MIGHT HAVE BEEN BETTER!! Our film speaks just about that: THE BALKANS, AT THE BEGINNINGS OF XXI ct. – WITH PASSIONS AND NEEDS TO LOVE NAD HATE!!!

The film titled “A View from the Eiffel Tower” is a story about growing up and becoming and adult in the Balkans in times of transition and post-war circumstances in absolutely deformed society of dubious moral values – such as it is today the region of former Yugoslavia. This film is about a love story with elements of social drama in which the main theme is the contact between two worlds that inhabit the Balkans of today: the world of very rich people, unscrupulous people who have capital of shady origin and the world of poor honest people.

Film festivals:

Motovun international film festival, Croatia – July 2005

  • Herceg Novi film festival (Serbia & Montenegro National film festival) – August 2005.
  • Novi Sad Film Festival (Serbia & Montenegro National film festival) – September 2005.
  • New films from Serbia & Montenegro – Vienna, Austria – November 2005.
  • Festival of Montenegrin culture – Zagreb, Croatia - November 2005.
  • LIFE Ljubljana International film festival - Slovenia, November 2005.
  • New films from Serbia & Montenegro – Toronto, Canada – December 2005.
  • New films from Serbia & Montenegro – Vancouver, Canada – januar 2005.
  • Sarajevo winter – Sarajevo, Bosnia, februar 2006.