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Go West

Regie: Ahmed Imamoviæ; 97 Min., BiH 2005 (OmE)
Wettbewerb: Newcomer

Brotfabrik Kino, Di, 21.11.2006 um 20:00 Uhr
ACUDkino, Do, 23.11.2006 um 22:30 Uhr

Das im Vorfeld skandalisierte Spiefilmdebüt von Ahmed Imamoviæ, der zuvor mit dem Kurzfilm 10 Minuta international reüssierte, erzählt die Geschichte des bosnjakisch-serbischen schwulen Paars Kenan und Milan, die während des Bosnienkriegs in Milans serbischem Heimatdorf unterzutauchen versuchen.

In the nineties the Yugoslavia Federation falls apart in bloody wars. Perpetual student Milan, a Serb from a patriarchal community and Kenan, a Muslim cellist, are a homosexual couple living in Sarajevo. Their lives, intimate and public, are shaken up by the agression in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose devastating consequences unfold in inter-ethnic hatred. Trapped in Sarajevo during the seige of the Serb forces, the lovers manage to flee to Milan's home village and there they take shelter, waiting for Milan's father, Ljubo, to find a way to the Netherlands. Witnessing the brutality of Serb forces and their hatred towards Muslims, Milan desperately improvises: he disguises Kenan as a woman and begins to present him as his wife, Milena, a secret discovered by Milan's best friend, Lunja. Milan is drafted into the army and the situation becomes almost unbearable for Kenan. His one companion, is Ranka, a waitress in a local cafe, a woman whose dark secrets terrify most of the villagers around her...