balkan black box


Regie: Borjan Zafirovski; 15 Min, MK 2005 (OmE)
Wettbewerb: Golden Black Box Competition

ACUDkino, So, 19.11.2006 um 20:00 Uhr
babylon berlin:mitte, Di, 21.11.2006 um 22:00 Uhr

Medien und Realität: ein Perpetuum Mobile.

"Minimal, black & white and authentic reality about two in love

We constitute reality by our own free will from infinite number of equally legitimate potential realities, or we simply escape in already constituted reality.

Welcome to the TV simulacrum."


Born: 1976, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


- `00 - `01 Specialization at the European Film College, Ebeltoft, Denmark
- `96 - `00 Faculty of Dramatic Arts, class of Mr. Stole Popov, Skopje, R.Macedonia


- 2004-2005 "Aleph", Fiction, 15min, "Production Plus" DV
- 2004-2005 "Ogledalo", Fiction, 20min, "Production plus" DV
- 2001-2002 "The portrait of the young artist in the 21st century", Fiction, 8min, "Dream Factory Production" & "Manaki Brothers" DV
- 2001 "Goldfish", Documentary, 5min, "EFC Production" DV
- 1999-2000 "EXIT", Fiction, 18min, "Vardar Film Producion", 35 mm
- 1997 "Inner City life", Documentary, 15min, "FDA Production", Beta
- 1996 "Colors", Fiction, "FDA Production", 10min, Beta
- 1995 "...are dead", Documentary, 10min, "FDA Production", S-VHS
- 1990 "The dead pigeon", Documentary, 10min, "Narodna Tehnika Production", VHS


- 2006 - Screenplay for feature film "Disconnected" (work in progress)
- 2006 - Screenplay for the short film "Rande vous" - male.
- 2006 - Screenplay for the short film "Rande vous" - female.


- 2006 - "My Way" jury award, International Short Film Luksuz Festival in Slovenia for most authentically expressed film, "Aleph".
- 2002 - Student jury award in Manheim, Germany for "The portrait of the young artist in the 21st century"
- 2001 - Jury award for best film at the Hamburg International short film festival for "The portrait of the young artist in the 21st century"
- 1990 "The dead pigeon", won the first award at the State contest for short film; Golden medal at the International Contest for short films, Makarska, Former Yugoslavia
- 1990 - Year award of the City of Skopje for achievement in culture.